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Forster funeral directors Tranquillity Funerals are funeral directors proudly serving the Forster Tuncurry & Taree communities.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Having to prepare for a funeral can be an incredibly hard thing to do. Often what makes it harder is not knowing the wishes of the person who has died.

In the following pages we have outlined some of the things that need to happen, and some of the questions that need to be asked.

A little preparation can make a sad situation a little less daunting and confusing.  If you have any other questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Plan ahead with a prepaid funeral from Tranquillity Funerals


Ease the pain of bereavement for your family by planning ahead. To think ahead and plan a funeral is a wonderful thing to do, both for you and your family. There are two options available – pre-paid and pre-planned funerals.

Please just call or contact us and we can arrange for further information on planning ahead, and even help you through it.

Pre-Arranged – planned now, and paid for when enacted
Pre-Paid – planned and paid for now, to be used when the time comes

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